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Our Projects

Country Club Estate (NL)

From Dairy Farm to Country club Estate In the picturesque green fields of the Netherlands, where agricultural enterprises once thrived as dairy farms, an inspiring transformation has occurred. The Equestrian Architect, renowned in the world of equestrian architecture, has designed…

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This equestrian training center is designed and build by The Equestrian architect. A perfect place with stables, a venue and all facilities an horse and his rider needs.

Equestrian Training Center (NL)

A Prestigious Project: Professional Equestrian Training Center in Central Netherlands In the heart of the Netherlands, an extraordinary project has taken shape: an ultramodern professional equestrian training center designed for excellence. With a capacity of up to 80 horses, it’s…

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12-Hectare Estate (NL)

Creating a Modern Landscape: Developing a 12-Hectare Estate with a Contemporary Villa In the realm of architecture, where creative ideas take shape, our client realized a unique dream. On a vast estate spanning 12 hectares, the vision became a reality:…

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