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Your Vision, Our Blueprint

At The Equestrian Architect, we turn your equestrian dreams into reality through exceptional design. Our architectural solutions not only meet your practical needs but also capture the true essence of your passion for equestrianism. The designs draw inspiration from the elegance of horses and a deep respect for our environment. Our expertise goes beyond building design; our passion and knowledge of the equestrian world and its associated needs greatly assist in brainstorming the best possible solutions for our clients and making their equestrian dreams come true. We design, develop, and provide peace of mind!

Our Expertise: A Legacy of Equine Excellence

At The Equestrian Architect, we have by now made our mark in the world of estate architecture. We owe our reputation primarily to our ability to transform our clients’ ideas into vibrant, functional spaces – whether it’s equestrian centers, horse stables, training facilities, or comprehensive landscape design. Each project is a new challenge, where we artfully blend design and functionality to perfectly align with the unique tastes and practical needs of the client. The client’s desires take center stage in every project, and we are here to bring them to life, ensuring that each space reflects the desired vision and provides the ideal environment for both horses and their owners.

Explore Our Process: From Concept to Creation

Our process mirrors the harmonious synergy between horse and rider, seamlessly transitioning from concept to creation. As you embark on your equestrian architectural journey, our meticulous steps materialize dreams into tangible spaces.

Commencing with an informal consultation, we delve into comprehending your desires. Next, we shape 3D impressions of your forthcoming equestrian haven. Transparent pricing and meticulous attention to detail keep you well-informed.

Through the complexities of permits, design, and construction, we navigate each stage with your guidance. Our expertise guarantees that the execution aligns perfectly with your vision, forged through partnerships with highly skilled contractors.

What You Need To Know About The equestrian architect

Ir. Arjen de Jong, owner of de Jong Architecten, The Equestrian Architect and founder of onlyBIM (Flexible virtual building support), boasts over 25 years of experience in the field and is a passionate equestrian architect par excellence. His unique combination of extensive experience as a esteemed architect and his personal involvement in cross-country riding and hunting make him the perfect partner for any design project in the equestrian world.

Arjen de Jong’s rich background as an architect, coupled with his personal affinity for equestrian sports, contributes to a profound understanding of the needs and desires of horse enthusiasts. His designs reflect not only craftsmanship but also a passion for creating spaces where both horse and rider can flourish. With Arjen at the helm of The Equestrian Architect, you are assured of a partner who comprehends your equestrian vision and transforms it into reality, with a keen eye for both aesthetics and functionality.

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Discover our latest projects in the field of equestrian architecture. We proudly showcase how we’ve brought equestrian dreams to life. Feel free to explore all our projects to get a good sense of our work style.

Have A Project In Your Mind?

Are you dreaming of entering the world of equestrian ventures? Let’s talk about how equestrian architecture can bring your vision to life. whether it’s equestrian centers, horse stables, training facilities, or comprehensive landscape design, we’re here to create spaces that embody your idea’s spirit. Let’s turn your concept into a blueprint that speaks the language of horses.