12-Hectare Estate (NL)

Creating a Modern Landscape: Developing a 12-Hectare Estate with a Contemporary Villa

In the realm of architecture, where creative ideas take shape, our client realized a unique dream. On a vast estate spanning 12 hectares, the vision became a reality: a contemporary villa seamlessly blending with the surrounding natural beauty.

A Villa that Merges with Nature

At the heart of this exceptional project lies a modern villa, covering an area of 500 square meters. However, this is no ordinary villa; it is an architectural masterpiece perfectly in tune with the exquisite landscape. The villa, in essence, becomes one with its surroundings, where luxury and connection converge.

More than the Villa: Flexibility and Functionality

The emphasis on flexibility and usability extends beyond the villa. The estate also includes a guesthouse and several well-built barns. These barns, currently robust and vacant, have been designed with future versatility in mind. They can be transformed into whatever the future may hold—be it elegant garages for an impressive car collection or stables for sport horses. Versatility was a significant priority for the client, ensuring the estate can adapt to changing needs.

A Connection with Nature: The Role of the Natural Pond

One of the most distinctive features of this project is the existing natural pond on the estate. The villa has been meticulously designed around this serene water feature. The result? A seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living, where boundaries blur, and the calming presence of the pond becomes an integral part of the villa’s design.

Sustainable Elegance: Embracing Nature with Materials

In pursuit of a harmonious relationship with the environment, sustainable materials take center stage. The villa is constructed using natural stone, wood, and ecologically responsible HSB construction methods. These choices not only ensure the villa’s durability but also emphasize the beauty of natural elements.

A Comprehensive Approach: Beyond Just Architecture

This project is about more than just architecture. It’s a comprehensive endeavor that encompasses the entire landscape. The Equestrian Architect, the creative force behind the villa’s design, also plays an essential role in shaping the landscape design. This holistic approach ensures that the estate is more than just a home; it’s a complete experience.

Moreover, the meticulous process of obtaining the necessary permits is carried out with care and expertise by us, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. The end result is not merely a villa; it is a testament to precision, vision, and dedication to both art and nature.

In the world of architectural splendor, this estate stands as proof of the magic that happens when human ingenuity blends with the beauty of nature. It’s a place where modernity fuses with serene landscapes, where flexibility and sustainability coexist, and where a dream is realized in stone, wood, and water. This project is a true work of art and evidence of what is possible when architecture and nature harmoniously come together.